3 reasons why your garden heater will prevent your garden

3 reasons why your garden heater will prevent your garden

Your garden is an extension of your home and your chance to express your personality with the help of nature. Of you, you are after water feelings, blooming beds with color all year round or an untouched lawn surrounded by some pots and decks - all can be achieved.

Achieving the garden you maintain and maintain, however, are two different things, and the key to maintaining the desired garden is to have the right garden equipment at hand - and in full operation. Unfortunately, general wear and tear combined with irregular / poor maintenance may result in malfunctioning devices.

Below are 3 of the most common gardening errors you will experience this summer - as well as solutions to correct them for a small amount of expenses.

Lawn mower - A blunt blade:

The lawn mowers can act as a strong part of your lawnmower, but it is sensitive to damage. The most common causes of damage to your lawnmower are that it gets blunt because it comes into contact with debris, like stone / stone that is covered in your lawn or edging of your garden.

If your lawn mower has become uneven, the mowing of the lawn will be reduced, and instead of a disc being achieved, the individual mowers will be destroyed. This in itself will not even cause your grass to look nasty, but also increases the risk of your grass being infected by weeds and other diseases.

We recommend a couple of times during the month of the month (which traditionally lasts between March and October) you give your leaf once more. If there are any signs that it gets damaged, dumped or tiled, you should tighten it - and it can easily be done at home. Alternatively, if it seems too much hassle, buy a replacement lawn mower and take care of this.

Grass Trimmer - Feed Line Problem:

Frequent line damage to your lawn mower is usually a result of the cutting head being too close to objects, such as walls and steps, when used. This prevents the line from rotating freely and results in the line snaping.

It does not matter how hard you try, your grass trim line will always snap at one point during the summer. But there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that it does not happen every time you trim the edges of your greens, including:

Keep the head of your trimmer as clean as possible. Dirt and debris can build up and clog the line measurement mechanism, which increases the risk of the line snapping.

If the line of purchase rather than fit a replacement coil and line, take care of it. You must make sure that you do not cross the line about yourself. Crossing the line can increase the risk of jam and the line getting lost.

Do not trim for longer periods, this probably causes the coil to warm and the line stick, which increases the risk of snap.

Make sure the trimmer line is kept to the right length - and this should be about 10 mm.

Pressure washer - Run at low pressure:

If your pressurized water is at low pressure, it will not be to give the cleaning power you would expect. Unfortunately, low pressure pressurized liquids are not an unusual error, but it is relatively easy to correct.

First, check for kinks, leaks or blockages that may have been formed in your chickens or pressure water hose. If no kinks / blockages / leaks are detected, check that the water is at full power and supplies the right amount of water. Only after checking these areas should check your pressure water.

It is recommended that you first check the pressure water inlet filter to ensure that it is free from debris and pressure guns / nozzles, and make sure that they are free from debris / blockages.

Should all of these areas be good, but your pressurizer is still running low pressure, you can get the air captured in the pump. This can be corrected by bleeding the pressure washers. Do not worry, while this may sound tricky, it should not be more difficult than bleeding your radiators.

To bleed your pressure plate follow the steps below ...

Switch off the appliance and disconnect the high pressure hose and trigger weapon.

With only the hinges connected, turn on your water supply and allow the water tank to rotate for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Turn off the water, connect the high pressure hose and the trigger weapon again and try to use the machine again

Keeping on top of your gardening equipment gives you more chance to keep your garden in top shape, not just in summer but throughout the year.

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